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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all of our products!

Starter Pack

Everything you need to make your new station sound professional!
20 Fully Produced Sweepers.
20 Dry Sweepers.
4 Custom Program Intros.
We don’t stop until you are happy!
Professional Quality.
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Refresher Pack

Refresh your station with new professional imaging!
10 Fully Produced Sweepers.
10 Dry Sweepers.
Unlimited Revisions.
Guaranteed Happiness.
Professional Quality.
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Basic Pack

We know some folks only need a few Station ID's done so we came up with this package just for you.
5 Fully Produced ID's.
Specific to Your Station.
Made the way you want them.

Double Pack

Just need a couple of new sweepers to add to your existing collection? Try our double pack and save.
2 fully produced sweepers.
Professionally produced.
Satisfaction guaranteed!

Donation Pack

Allot of stations rely on donations from their listeners to continue streaming. These are a great way to ask.
5 Fully Produced Donation Requests.
Specific to Your Station.
Tells Where Listeners Can Go to Donate.

Monthly Refresh Pack

5 Fully Produced Sweepers each month.
Keeps your imaging fresh.
Great for promotions, holidays & seasons.
Double up for just $15 more per month.
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Pro Monthly Pack

15 Fully Produced Sweepers per month.
15 Dry sweeps per month.
Sweeps for every holiday & season.
News, Weather, and Traffic Beds.
Custom Program Intros.
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